Riding The Soundwave

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webradioIf you run a Webradio, the episodes of Riding the Soundwave are available for broadcasting as mp3 episodes of 1 hour each.

Option 1

You can freely use content by aggregating the following podcast address from hearthis.at:


The podcast includes audio embeds.

Option 2

You can download individual episodes of the series and the graphics for advertising them.
Here is how it works:
  1. Each episode is provided as MP3 file, with its own graphic cover and tracklist.
  2. As you submit the form below, I will get back to you with a link for downloading the first episode.
  3. After putting online the first episode I will check your site. If everything looks OK you will be given the link to the cloud storage for all the subsequent episodes, so you will be able to download and use all of them at your own convenience.
  4. Please put a backlink to Riding The Soundwave somewhere on your website and socials.
  5. I will link your site on ridingthesoundwave.com and socials and will give visibility to your webradio as long as you are broadcasting my DJsets and keeping the backlink active.
  6. If broadcasting fees are due, the hosting webradio is responsible for them.
If you accept the terms, just get in touch by filling out the form below. Your data is kept private according to European GDPR terms.

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