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71: Deep Blue

Melodic Progressive DJset Cover of 71: Deep Blue
71: Deep Blue
Cover of 71: Deep Blue

1-hour, 22-tracks trip in melodic progressive and progressive house.


1. David Leckenby - Elemental (IN2U Records)
2. MaxLoop - Unfamiliar (Vocal Mix)
3. Richard Bass - See Beyond
4. Z8phyR - Peace & Harmony (Original mix)
5. Lepo - Just Joy (Original Mix)
6. Roald Velden & Talamanca - Amplify (Original Mix)
7. GMJ Matter Tripswitch - To the Stars
8. Vasily Goodkov - Illusion Future (Idy Ramy Extended Remix)
9. Chicane vs. Ana Criado - A Love That's Hard To Find Whispers (Robert Miller Mashup)
10. Astrevea - Playa de Muro (Youssef Chen Remix)
11. Yusuke Teranishi - Over the world' s Clouds (Original mix)
12. Boom Jinx Katrine Stenbekk ZN - Come Alive
13. Omar Essa - Lilies (Original Mix)
14. PROFF - Innervate
15. Skua & Yuri K - Althea (Original Mix)
16. The Husky - Sunrise (Original Mix)
17. Imperss - Adventures (Original Mix)
18. Jav3x - Reflections (Lesh Remix)
19. Vitodito - Las Cosas Del Joder (Talamanca Vocal Remix)
20. Z8phyR - Hazel Determination (Original Mix)
21. Andy Woldman - Shade of the Sun (Liam Sieker Remix) (INU)
22. Ron With Leeds - Moonshiner (Original Mix)

Cover picture: Instagram oceansnation (see all credits)


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