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65: Countdown to Summer

Melodic Progressive DJset Cover of 65: Countdown to Summer
65: Countdown to Summer
Cover of 65: Countdown to Summer

Melodic progressive and progressive house DJset from 125 to 128 BPM.


1. Eric de la Vega - Warm Air (Original Mix)
2. Gabrielle AG & Live Dream feat. Rich Constantine - Un Mojito (Original Mix)
3. Mint Attack - No Time for Talk (Waterfall Mix)
4. Yusuke Teranishi - Starry Skies (Original mix)
5. Z8phyR - Jewel (Lumidelic Remix)
6. Vitodito - Valencia (Original Mix)
7. Marcel Vautier - Red Planet (Miguel Angel Castellini Remix)
8. Gav Easby - The Journey (Galvanised)
9. Andrew Frenir - Nobody Like You (T Davids Remix)
10. Nightblades - Strike (Original Mix)
11. Chicane - A Love Thats Hard To Find (LTN Sunset Remix)
12. ko Hoffrén - Naqada (Extended Mix)
13. Maiga - Isle of Palms
14. Breaking The Bubble - Life After Life (Original Mix)
15. Mark & Lukas - One Step Closer (Original mix)
16. Imperss - Polaris (Original Mix)
17. Blood Groove & Kikis - Alpha (Original Mix)
18. Aaron Dmitriew - Sun Drenched (Original mix)
19. Talamanca - Medusa (South Pole Remix)
20. The Husky - Air For Life (Original Mix)
21. Chris Lyons DJ - Twin Ride (Extended Version)

Cover: Instagram surfsrider (see all credits)

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