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Melodic Progressive DJset Cover of 53
Cover of 53

This show was 66th in Mixcloud's Trance chart.


1. Dim Val Pol - Inner Space (Yusuke Teranishi Remix)
2. Bruno Alves & Edvard Hunger - A Road To The Stars (Original Mix)
3. Andre Sobota - Fragments (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
4. Alex H - A New Beginning (Original Mix)
5. Talamanca - Talamanca Beach (Vitodito Remix)
6. Caira - Empty Streets (Original Mix)
7. Chicane feat. Rosalee O'Connell - Nirvana
8. Brkird - New Decade (Original Mix)
9. Soney & Orange Reactor - Nuisance (Matt Black Remix)
10. Ross Geldart, Matthew Birch - Ulundi (Ross Geldart Warrior Edit)
11. Dezza feat. Mike Schmid - Carry Me (Extended Mix)
12. Kolonie - Astrogate (Original Mix)
13. BT vs Sasha feat. jan johnston - Remember (magnetic north)
14. Katrin Souza - Strolling in the Rain (Original Mix)
15. Imperss - Cspace (Original Mix)
16. Tasadi & Aryas feat. Christina Novelli - Seventh Kingdom (Mindset Remix)
17. IN5UM - The Train (Vasily Goodkov Remix)
18. Chris Lyons - Deep Dive (Original Mix)
19. Shingo Nakamura - Sapporo (Talamanca Remix)
20. Alex Pich - Heavens (Mono Suono Remix)


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