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52 As Good as it Gets

Melodic Progressive DJset Cover of 52 As Good as it Gets
52 As Good as it Gets
Cover of 52 As Good as it Gets

Melodic Progressive DJset originally live produced for eibiza TV festival, is a wonderful playlist of favorites.
This show was 22nd in the Italy trance chart, and 27th in the italy world chart.


1. Phrakture & Maria Carmela - Something Useful (Lesh Remix)
2. James Woods - Bliss (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
3. Ricardo Piedra - Herbs (Nikko Mavridis Remix)
4. Jay FM - Timeless
5. Roald Velden & South Pol - Billion Stars (Original Mix)
6. Katrin Souza - Calm Before the Storm (Original Mix)
7. Albuquerque & Foletto - Havana Dub (Enertia-Sound Remix)
8. Shingo Nakamura - The Four (Sundriver Remix)
9. Maiga - Omen (Original Mix)
10. Chris Lyons - Deep Dive (Katrin Souza Remix vs. Original Mix)
11. Vitodito feat. Ai Takekawa - Koori (EDU Remix)
12. Talamanca - Walking The World
13. Chicane - Offshore (Mike Ocean Uplifting Remix)
14. Mindset - RueSaintMartin (Original Mix)
15. Jorn & VITO - Lazy Sundays (Original Mix)
16. Imperss - Light Night (Original Mix)
17. Vasily Goodkov - The Hunger Games
18. Ron With Leeds - Moonshiner (Original Mix)
19. Chris Lyons DJ - Twin Ride (Extended Version)

Cover picture: Instagram ophelieahkouen (see all credits)


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