Riding The Soundwave

22: Dreaming Out Loud

Melodic Progressive DJset Cover of 22: Dreaming Out Loud
22: Dreaming Out Loud
Cover of 22: Dreaming Out Loud

Tired of winter's grey days? Time to plan your next vacation on the beach! Check out the new Riding the Soundwave episode, freshly grabbed during a live performance on my YouTube channel! Warm beach vibes and adrenaline-packed textures announcing the time to get back on the waves! And at the very end of the mix, my latest track, "Valiente". Enjoy and - see you on the surf board!
This show was 35th in the mixCloud's global electronica/dance chart and 49th in the global edm mix chart.


  1. Phrakture & Maria Carmela - Something Useful (Lesh Remix)
  2. Deep Vision - Mirrors Still A Sky (Original Mix)
  3. Roald Velden & South Pole - Billion Stars
  4. Maiga - Majorca (Original Mix)
  5. Talamanca - Ocean Drive (Original Mix)
  6. Alex H - A New Beginning (Original Mix)
  7. Roald Velden & Talamanca - Amplify (Original Mix)
  8. Vasily Goodkov - Black Hole (Original Mix)
  9. Glaue - Landing (Original Mix) (PM)
  10. LOOPer feat. Andy Wooding - All We Are (Shomu Remix)
  11. Shingo Nakamura - thousands of sounds (Terry Da Libra remix)
  12. Daniel Van Sand feat. Nina Sung - Slipping Within
  13. Boxer & Forbes Pres. Dandy - Back In My Life (Original Mix)
  14. Alex Pich - One Arrow, One Shot
  15. Night Sky feat. Rebecca Louise Burch - Till I Break Free (Madwave Remix)
  16. Cold Stone - Nightly Sunrise (Extended Mix)
  17. Dustin Husain & Blue5even - Enchanted River (Extended Mix)
  18. Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Original Atlantis Mix)
  19. Gregory Esayan & Angel Falls - Part of Me (Sunlight Project Remix)
  20. Katrin Souza - La Guitarra (Original Mix)
  21. Chris Lyons - Valiente


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