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113: Paradise Calling

Cover of 113: Paradise Calling
113: Paradise Calling
Cover of 113: Paradise Calling

Welcome to another exciting season of Riding The Soundwave! The best of melodic progressive, progressive house and progressive trance - fresh releases side by side with amazing classics. Don't forget to FOLLOW my channels for more!


1. Cloudcage - Return to Paradise (Nipika remix)
2. Shion Hinano - Scent (Emro Remix)
3. Blood Groove & Kikis - Without You (Talamanca Remix)
4. Sperax - Sunset Coast (Extended Mix)
5. Pouls3n - Oakura (Original mix)
6. Melchi - Through the Darkness (Extended Mix)
7. Arandis - Oregon Coast
8. The EM23 - Behind The Sun (Extended Mix)
9. Mateo Legran - Story (Original Mix)
10. Chris Lyons DJ - Twin Ride (Extended Version)
11. Skyhunter - I'm Not One Of Them (Original Mix)
12. Sperax - Stargazing
13. Codema - Sundown (Original Mix)
14. Helvetic Nerds - Stormwatch (Chris Reece & Dinka Old Fashion Mix)
15. Edonia - Fleeting Eternity (Andrew Frenir Remix)

Thanks labels: Synth Collective, Summer Melody, Sunset Horizon, Neostatics Vision

Cover picture: Instagram surfnvibe (see all credits)

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