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111: Awakening

Cover of 111: Awakening
111: Awakening
Cover of 111: Awakening

A summer-inspired DJset with melodic progressive and progressive trance for workout or a day on the beach.


1. Darius (PL) - The Awakening (Original Mix)
2. Aaron Dmitriew - Fuel (Original mix)
3. Vintage & Morelli - Your Love (Extended Mix) (As You Are)
4. Roald Velden & Talamanca - Amplify (Original Mix)
5. Eric Olivier Mario - Mission of Freedom (Original mix)
6. M.Pravda and Ildar Giridhari - Shambala
7. Sergey Tkachev & Alexey Sonar - Flying Spirals (Matao Remix)
8. Yuri Yavorovskiy - Waves (Extended Mix)
9. Ruben Valvet - Cold Sunrise
10. Veeshy - 2am (Silk Music)
11. Gregory Esayan - Hive (Silk Music)
12. TEG - Moonbeams (Nerutto Remix)
13. Darius (PL) - Yume (Original Mix)
14. Alex H - Chasing The Sun
15. Norni - There For You (Extended Mix)
16. Onstream89 - Find The Second Sunrise (Original Mix)

Thanks labels: Summer Melody, Synth Collective, National Sound Records, Inception, Entrancing Music, Neostatics Sounds, PromoDJ.com, Blessed Cross Records

Cover photo: Instagram nature.s_own_paradise (see all credits)

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