Riding The Soundwave

106: Heading South

Cover of 106: Heading South
106: Heading South
Cover of 106: Heading South

Riding the Soundwave is melodic progressive house tight mix, fresh and classic tracks side by side, ideal for workout (126-130 BPM).


1. Vantasy - Just Another Day
2. Alexxon - Heaven Beach (Original mix)
3. Alex H - Spectacle (Original Mix)
4. Iván Tufiño - Right Here Right Now (Original Mix)
5. Melchi - Pure Love (Extended Dub Mix)
6. Shingo Nakamura - Sapporo (Talamanca Remix)
7. Aaron Dmitriew & Lumidelic - Rain Dance (Original Mix)
8. Dmitry Kostyuchenko - Heavy Water (Original Mix)
9. Vitodito - If You (Original Mix)
10. MaxLoop - Lightscape (Original Mix)
11. Suncatcher - Good Times (Original Mix)
12. Sunflare - Heart Lock - Part 2 (Club Mix)
13. Eric de la Vega - Warm Air (Original Mix)
14. Yasin Guven - All About Melodies (Original Mix)
15. Pourya Feredi - Ride To Heaven (Original Mix)
16. Vicente Panach - No More Tears (Extended Mix)
17. eleven.five & Arielle Maren - Remember (eleven.five Extended Club Mix)

Cover photo: Instagram wanderingwild_ (see all credits)

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