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Riding The Soundwave
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About the show

Riding the Soundwave is a series of Melodic Progressive, Progressive House and Vocal Trance DJsets inspired to surfing and created by Chris Lyons DJ.

Fresh new tracks side by side with classics, with a variation of styles and moods. A progression with compelling rhythm and pace - it's the music you want to bring with you when running or hiking. It is also a great choice as a balearic musical background when having a good time with friends.

All DJsets are live recorded and the selection of tracks is mostly the result of improvisation based upon a chosen topic or theme.

Riding the Soundwave is also a live video performance: real-time live DJsets offer awesome visuals - videos and photos about surfing and breathtaking beaches around the world. A preview can be found here.

Riding the Soundwave episodes are streamed more than 10,000 streams every year, and the followers base is growing up every day.

Bookings for live events are open - if you have a venue where to host a live DJset, we can reach any place in Europe. (contact form)

For webradio owners, ready to use contents are available for broadcasting.

Chris Lyons DJ

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Webradio and Live Video

  • Radio eibiza

    Every Sunday
    18:00-20:00 GMT+1 (channel eibiza 3)

    Radio eibiza 3

    On air every sunday, appetizer time, on eibiza 3 with the 2-hour extended edition.

    Check out eibiza.site and tune in!

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    If you're a Spotify user, you can bring our track selection on the go. All melodic progressive, progressive house and vocal trance must-have classic in one single playlist to make your training, work or daydream a special moment! Get it now!

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Events and News

Surf and Dance

  • June 4-5-6, 2021

    Eibiza Festival

    Tune in Sunday June 6 from 13:00 to 15:00 CET for our exclusive 2hour live streaming DJset www.eibiza.site

    Tune in Sunday June 6 from 13:00 to 15:00 CET for our exclusive 2 hour live straming DJset www.eibiza.site

    Featuring: Musty - Wavelounger - LTN Ghostbeat & Katrin Souza - Myon & Shane 54 Natalie Peris - Xenioxe Music - ZANIO - Roald Velden - SixthSense , Limetra - Imperss Music Production - Chicane - Tasadi & Aryas feat. Christina Novelli - Trance Reserve - OceanLab Vs Mike Shiver, Daniel Kandi - Sunlight Project - Barzek & Jethimself - Alex H, Mona Moua, Sundriver - Dr. Polak - Alexander Voina & Anton By - Shion Hinano - Vasily_goodkov - Vince Forwards, Blood Groove & Kikis - Shingo Nakamura, Alex Pich - Talamanca & David Sherlock -DaWTone - Maze (UA) - Gregory Esayan - Katrin Souza - Z8phyR - Andrew Frenir - Vitodito - Nygma - Semjon Joosten - Numatra - Jorn & VITO - Simonini - Ron With Leeds - Mindset

    Tune In NOW

  • 24-30 April, 2019

    Surf Dance Portugal Cascais

    Weekly intensive by TWERK and FEMALE DACEHALL, Accommodation in a villa on the Atlantic coast, Professional photo session with surfing lesson ...

    • Team of professional trainers
    • Most popular surf - school of Portugal
    • 6 surfing lessons
    • Weekly intensive by TWERK and FEMALE DACEHALL
    • Accommodation in a villa on the Atlantic coast
    • Professional photo session with surfing lessons
    • Visiting the city of Lisbon, the statue of Christ, Cape Roca, the city of Sintra and the Castle of the Moors
    • Professional travel video
    • Video dance choreography
    • Memorable certificate of participation in the tour
    • And of course the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunication, rest, sun, ocean and unforgettable impressions for life
  • April 12, 2018 Ericeira, Portugal

    Sumol Summer Fest 2019

    For more than a decade, Sumol Summer Fest have brought their annual party to the Portuguese coastal resort of Ericeira for a weekend in the summer sun...

    For more than a decade, Sumol Summer Fest have brought their annual party to the Portuguese coastal resort of Ericeira for a weekend in the summer sun. And while the musical identity has gradually shifted in that time, moving from its reggae-heavy earlier editions to more hip-hop focused lineups of recent years, the atmosphere and character of the festival remain essentially unchanged..!

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